Richard M. Bell Families of Choccolocco Valley, Alabama

To family and friends who browse these pages, Welcome ! to the Choccolocco Valley of Alabama and our home on the World Wide Web.

Above is the Post Office where our kin collected their mail and shared the news of the community and of the world. The building remains standing and serves as a museum and gift shop.

Below is the school that Richard Bell and Brock Smith built. He taught at this school as did each of his daughters.

This two storied one room school house still stands in the center of Choccolocco and is used as a community center for special events.

The journey to find the history and the genealogy of The Bell Family with all of our allied surnames began, as a labor of love, in the Spring of 1964 with Cousin Demeter Kendall Bass to find the mother of the Bell brothers, Richard, Robert and Stephen.

The journey continues!

We pause at this point to share some of our findings,
though incomplete they may be.

The question, "How are we related ?"
is a central motivating and driving force to continue the search.

A critical now point of the research is to:
continue the finding,
validate our efforts,
record the reaults and
publish our kinships.

These tasks must be finished by others than myself.

The need to bring some sense and actuality of closure to this forty year search is quickened in memory of the lives of
Mina Benham Wood (1914-1995)
Slater Hunter King,Jr., (1950-2000
Herman Preston Nelson (1927-2001)
and my own upclose and personal intimacy with mortality.

Enjoy this site and add your content to enrich the experience for the rest of us and for all who follow...

LOVE is all there is...

Cousin, Mama, Momsie, Sister, Aunt, Friend, Associate




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Richard M. Bell Families of Choccolocco Valley, Alabama